iPod Kills Pedestrians

by on Feb.25, 2009, under Rant, Tech

Ipod Kills Pedestrian

Ipod Kills Pedestrian

Ok, this made a big stir a short while back so I won’t spend a lot of time rant­ing on it, but I just heard a story on NPR talk­ing about a new ad cam­paign in San Fran­cisco that warns about the dan­gers of cross­ing the street while dis­tracted. …Duh! Well actu­ally, I believe PSAs are a much bet­ter way of get­ting this mes­sage across than pass­ing a law for­bid­ding the use of hand­held devices in cross­walks like that politi­cian in New York tried to do. I under­stand that avoid­able street col­li­sions can strain our already over taxed med­ical sys­tem but I feel that there is a big­ger issue at hand. Are we cre­at­ing laws that just serve the stu­pid while over reg­u­lat­ing the rest of the pop­u­la­tion? Are we in fact dilut­ing our gene pool to a point where peo­ple who don’t deserve to breed are saved long enough to put ill equipped prog­eny on this earth? I under­stand that it is a con­stant bat­tle to keep the pub­lic safe from new dan­gers that evolv­ing tech­nol­ogy present but some­times we have to defer to COMMON SENSE. But where to draw the line? Are we just cre­at­ing a soci­ety of idiots that nat­ural selec­tion would have elim­i­nated gen­er­a­tions ago? If I’m not smart enough to look both ways before I cross the street and need laws to pro­tect me from myself, do I have the com­mon sense needed to raise chil­dren? I argue no. We’re talk­ing preser­va­tion of our species here people.

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